Our People

Management Team and Strategic Partners

Michael Schell, sales training expert and President of Thought Leader Publications & Training, spent 20 years in B2B sales representing companies such as Toshiba and Canon. An entrepreneur at heart, Mike is now a business trainer, coach and author of five books, including Buyer Approved Selling, Winning Sales Advice, The Sales Star and The Customer-Approved Small Business. U.S. Bank, Arvest Bank & Guardian Life Insurance have printed custom editions of Mike’s books as Gifts of Knowledge for their clients. Mike is also the creator of the Buyer-Approved Selling Workshop, which is based on interviews with over 300 corporate decision makers.

Gloria Riehl (New Jersey)

Gloria Riehl spent 24 years working for Canon Business Solutions. As the Senior Manager of Training & Development, she was responsible for maximizing the skill set of Canon's national office equipment sales force. This included deployment of a new hire sales training program, a sales manager coaching program, and the management of curriculum resources including "Sales Foundations," "SPIN® Selling" and "Buyer-Approved Selling." Along with the development of an industry-leading sales force, one of Gloria's many achievements was to reduce sales staff turnover from 70% to 27%. With her intimate knowledge of B2B sales and years of experience facilitating sales training workshops, Gloria brings the Buyer-Approved Selling program to life.

Mark Bourgeois (Vancouver)

A top level communicator and researcher, Mark played a key role in the research for Buyer-Approved Selling. His ability to connect with people and to create the elusive "instant rapport" is a thing of beauty. We've tried packaging it but no luck as yet. It appears to be an innate skill. Mark currently handles all the PR and media connections for Thought Leader Publications & Training.

Lyall Bell, CIP, CAIB (Toronto)

Lyall is president of Solutions Training Insurance Resources. His 30+ years experience in the insurance industry includes a role as an insurance broker and tenure at three major insurance companies. Since 1992, Lyall has focused on the training side of the insurance industry. He has helped improve the skill sets of over 10,000 brokers with his interactive and inspirational facilitation style. His workshops cover technical knowledge, customer service skills and professional sales techniques. He has delivered over 20 Buyer-Approved Selling workshops to brokers in Ontario and is responsible for getting the Buyer-Approved Selling workshop accredited by The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).