Sales Training

Buyer-Approved Selling: A 4-Step Sales Training Program

  1. Instructor-led Workshop (1 or 1 ½ days)
  2. Individual Sales Manager Coaching (coaching kits provided)
  3. University on Wheels (Audio Reinforcer)
  4. Weekly Sales Meetings, 30 Minute Skill-Building Sessions led in turn by salespeople
We can conduct the Buyer-Approved Selling workshop as a standalone event, but our 4-part sales skill development process ensures your sales training dollars yield maximum ROI. If you’d like to learn more about the 4 steps, we’ll be happy to discuss it on a scheduled 10-minute phone meeting. Simply email and we’ll arrange a call.

Buyer-Approved Selling Workshop Overview

Hundreds of corporate decision-makers from companies including DuPont, ADP, Verizon, U.S. Bank and Hyatt Hotels reveal sales secrets that most salespeople ignore.

Discover Buyer-Approved ways to:

  • Differentiate your approach
  • Build trust
  • Earn the right to advance and close the sale
Which part of the sales process do your reps find most challenging? From cold call training to conducting sales meetings, account strategy, pre-empting objections, dealing with the Executive Assistant to closing the sale, the Buyer-Approved sales skills training covers all steps of the sales cycle. Buyer-Approved sales tips and techniques will have your salespeople out-preparing, out-communicating and out-selling the competition in no time.


If you have your own sales training division, your best approach might be to license the Buyer-Approved Selling Program. Ask us about our train-the-trainer licensing program.


Here's what J.P. Lavoie had to say at the end of Canaccord Capital's first workshop:
"The 'decision maker-approved' approaches in Buyer-Approved Selling are what separate the top 20% of successful salespeople from the rest of the crowd - regardless of industry."
- J.P. Lavoie, Senior VP, Wealth Management Services, Canaccord Capital

Here's an observation from Mitch Bardwell:
"I've seen firsthand that if you apply the tips and techniques from Buyer-Approved Selling, you will differentiate your sales approach. Canon USA has been using these research-based tips and techniques for years. In fact, one of our sales representatives told me about a competitive situation where he won a half-million-dollar sale. After the deal was done, the decision maker told him why they had chosen his solution. When the customer articulated the reasons why, he could have been quoting straight from Buyer-Approved Selling."
- Mitch Bardwell, Senior Director of ISG Sales Training, Canon USA, Inc.

"Your 'Buyer-Approved Selling' workshop in Minneapolis is one of the best I've ever been to! I went away with a lot of great ideas and practical tips to put into practice. Your angle, from the buyer's viewpoint, is the only angle we should ever consider. Thank you!"
- Brenda High Moosbrugger, Chief Operations Officer, Xact! Resources, Inc.

Click here for an outline of the Buyer-Approved Selling workshop.

Proof in Advance Available to Qualified Companies

This means we will conduct a 1 day workshop where you have key stake-holders present to audit the training. If you decide not to move ahead it will cost you nothing but our travel expenses. All participants receive a free copy of Buyer-Approved Selling